On Marriage: Keeping Communication Lines Open

Long time, no post! I missed blogging!!! Let me spill a bit of a marriage secret that me and the hubby is learning to master… =)

How do me and my husband keep our communication lines open despite our super busy schedules? One way is through… SKYPE! Yes, we do Skype video calls at night if possible. When I get home from school, I go online early for my online ESL classes so that I could at least chat with him. When he’s not busy, he’ll video call me. We talk about various things, from our budding careers, school, family life, to the quirkiest things you could ever imagine - even toys! Haha! I think it’s really comforting, because he’s trying to keep in touch with me. I believe that one of the biggest ingredient in the complicated recipe of marriage is COMMUNICATION. 

So couples out there, no matter how busy your schedules are, never stand a chance to communicate with your other half. Stay in love! ^__^

May Giveaway: iWhite Korea Whitening Pack



Heya! I want to welcome this fabulous month of May with another giveaway! Again, the good people from iWhite Korea sent me these items to be raffled off to my readers! The first iWhite giveaway was such a huge success and I would like to thank everyone who joined. Now here’s another one so keep your fingers crossed cos I’ll be picking three lucky winners again. You can read my review on this Whitening Pack *here*. To join the giveaway, wait for the rafflecopter below to load. Good luck, ladies (and gents)! :)

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Hot? Try this!

Feeling exhausted because of the heat? Drink lots of water! Not enough? Grab a towel and dampen it. Dab it on your skin, put it on top of your head or wrap it around your neck. Right now, I am teaching with a wet towel around my neck and it helps a lot in keeping my body cool. My headache’s gone a bit already. Glad it helped. =)

I can’t wait to finish my classes and eat dinner and have a cool shower… ^__^

Three more to go! Cool teacher is happy teacher and happy teacher means happy student! ^__^

Stay cool, every one! ^_^

iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizing Cream Giveaway



I’ve been sharing some sneak peek photos of my new giveaway over at Facebook and Twitter! And now it’s finally time to unveil this special giveaway sponsored by iWhite Korea! :)


Last weekend I received a special delivery from iWhite Korea containing all of these! Imagine my excitement when I opened the package — I wasn’t expecting it would be this many! But I was all the more excited because I was given the chance to share these amazing skin care products to my blog readers (yes, YOU) via a giveaway.


Remember my product review of the iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizing Cream (read blog post here)? I mentioned I like this moisturizer because it’s not at all greasy! It’s water-based so you won’t have to worry having that sticky icky feeling after application. 

By joining my giveaway you’ll get a chance to win this Aqua Moisturizing Cream plus other prizes from iWhite Korea. YAY! Read on for more details.

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Still up and…

Still blogging? Apparently, I’ve turned off my computer already, but I keep blogging in my mind… I wonder why I’m on a blogging spree now.. Must be the hormones. =D Gyah! Still so much to do! I’m hoping that I get to straighten my schedule out! Lots of things are running in my aching head now. Looks like it’s a sign that I must go to bed already… =D

I envy the hubby… I guess, I should just mimic and cuddle him… Hoping it’ll put me to sleep… :D

Goodnight, sweet angels!!! ^__^

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